As of January 1, 2017:

A Note to grantees and applicants 

Thank you for your interest in the Florence Tyson Fund for Creative Arts Therapies.

As you may know, Florence Tyson was a pioneer music therapist who died in 2001. The Florence Tyson Fund for Creative Arts Therapies was launched in 2004 with a one-time gift  from Tyson’s estate. The purpose of the Fund was to support projects that continued the work and advanced the vision of Florence Tyson. For 12 years the Tyson Fund has provided modest but critical support to creative arts programs, often led by therapists, now leaders in their field, who had trained under Tyson.

In 2016, the Board of Directors recognized that the Tyson Fund is approaching the limits of its grantmaking capacity. As a result, we have determined that 2018 will mark our final year of active grantmaking. We have already identified those organizations and programs that will receive support in 2017 and beyond, so far as possible. We are not accepting further grant requests at this time.